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EASY $10 / DAY (HOT 2015)

We are thrilled to unveil our BitGold Golden Heart™ referral program. We know that no one can tell our story better than our users, so we designed the BitGold Golden Heart™ program to reward you and your friends with free gold for sharing the experience.
They have a promote campaign, when you signup by ref link, you will have 0.25 grams gold = 10$
I tested, if you signup without link ref, you can not get this bonus. When I have proof, I will bonus 2$ per ref.
Note: you must verify phone and ID document to get this reward.

Bonus $10 didapat jika anda menggunakan link reff saya. ini program reffal (baca petunjuk dari web)...so terserah anda..jadi jangan beri komentar jika anda tidak mendapatkan bonus tersebut..trims

sumber :  http://duniashare99.blogspot.com/2015/05/easy-10-day-hot-2015.html

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